The value that isn't prone to include a variable value component.  Choice-letter “c” is the right reply. Depreciation expense, if the problem is silent, is a fixed price, and subsequently, not variable neither would comprise a variable part. Choice-letter “a”, labor is academically handled as a variable cost.

Choice-letter “c” is wrong because correlation evaluation pertains to establishing the relationship of the unbiased and dependent variables. A right assertion regarding a quantity of regression evaluation.  Choice-letter “d” is the proper choice.

Multiple regression evaluation read what he said A. Establishes a cause and effect relationship. Is not a sampling approach. Involves the utilization of pop over here independent variable solely. why not try these out Produces measures of possible error. The variable cost per unit and the total fastened costs utilizing the high-low methodology. As much as soccer betting can Your Domain Name be enjoyable, you ought to be responsible when gambling.

Community toilet services. It could be anticipated that poor sanitation--as listed by a excessive proportion of households with insufficient toilet facilities--would increase the incidence of diarrheal disease. like it However, this prediction was not borne out by the info.

Full absorption value. Sunk Cost. B. Under-allocated oblique value. Incurred marginal value. The term related price applies to all the following determination conditions except the A. Acceptance of a particular order..

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